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Guardian Fencing are commercial fencing contractors with expertise in chain mesh gates and chain mesh fencing (also known as chain link fencing). We also have a speciality in Commercial and Industrial fence instalation security fencing, gate applications, perimeter fencing, metal fencing, storage cages and storage enclosures in addition to a range of fencing gates in Melbourne.  Chain link fence is also known as wire mesh fencing or cyclone fencing and is one of the most versatile commercial fencing options available. This type of fencing can be used across a wide range of applications. Furthermore, chain wire fence is economical as well as a very practical fencing solution. Chain wire fencing has a strong durable nature and due to its unique suitability to be used in conjunction with barbed wire, chain link fencing is ideal to be used as a security perimeter. Other applications include sporting stadiums, industrial sites and animal enclosures.

Guardian Fencing has decades of experience in providing a large selection of chain wire products and supplies to provide solutions to the wider community in Melbourne as well as quality fence repair solutions for a variety of gates and fences. 

Melbourne Fencing Company 

Looking for the best fencing company in Melbourne? Look no further than Guardian Fencing. Using high-quality fencing gate and chain wire gate materials and expert installation you are guaranteed a chain mesh security fence of the highest standard. We are a leading chainlink fencing contractor supplying and installing a variety of chain mesh gates in various dimensions for industrial, commercial, and even sporting use. Our chain mesh gates and fencing gates are built to your specifications. Generally speaking, the gate would match the colour as your fencing materials.


Experienced and Affordable Fence Repair & Builders 

When it comes to choosing a chain mesh fencing or chain wire gate contractor in Melbourne, look no further than Guardian Fencing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your chain mesh fencing requirements. We highly recommend that you hire a professional to install your fencing or chain wire gates for you as an experienced installer can make a difference in the longevity of your investment. 

You may be willing to invest heavily in the materials that keep your property safe. If you’re the kind of facility manager or security consultant who makes a point of knowing the difference between various grades of steel, or who has researched the versatility of chain mesh fencing extensively, then you’re probably one step ahead of most of your competition. Knowing the products that you’ll rely on to keep your site protected is certainly helpful when it comes to establishing a secure atmosphere at your workplace, but you’ll also want to make sure that you invest in high quality installers when you’re having those products implemented. A fence is only as good as the people who install it for you.

Is that true? Any experienced fencing contractor would tell you that it is. Metal fence installation in Melbourne might not strike some readers as particularly complicated work, but ask yourself what could happen if you have a security fence installed poorly—even a high quality one. The answer is simple: it’s more likely to have flaws or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a party trying to gain access without your knowledge. Investing in skilled fence installers for your Melbourne site is simply the best way to make sure that your security fence is erected properly, making it as difficult as can be for anyone to sneak in unnoticed.

Experienced contractors should know how to do more than just install a fence by the numbers. They should make a point of researching your property to determine the best approach to take in their work. Every property is different, so your site will have individual characteristics that can affect the way your fence must be installed. A highly professional fence installation company should even provide you with a free, no obligation quote before starting their work so that you can understand the advantages and challenges they’ll be facing.

Melbourne Fence Installations: A Case Study

An excellent example is Guardian Fencing. Working in Melbourne and several other areas for more than two decades, Guardian Fencing has established themselves as the gold standard for professionalism in the eyes of many commercial and industrial property owners. Focusing on the specific needs of each client to provide proper fencing installation instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach ensures customer satisfaction by providing more reliable results. The company also makes a point of offering free quotes on all their work, from commercial fencing to gates and fences for residential property and beyond.

Choose Your Fence Installers with Care

Whether you’re looking for perimeter fencing, internal fencing, security fencing, or fencing for another purpose, you’ll want to make sure you have it fitted by some of the industry’s best installers. Put your trust in a company that has been around for long enough to work efficiently, but who takes a fresh approach to each new client to preserve the integrity of their work. Those of you with questions on what your new fence installations might cost should contact Guardian Fencing today and have your curiosity satisfied. We can assist you in making informed choices about your installations and will always provide you with best results.

High Quality Gates and Fences 

We can install a wide range of metal fencing including:

Chain Link Fencing

In Need of Chain Wire Link Fencing in Melbourne? The humble chain link fence makes an appearance almost anywhere you go on a regular basis. From marking off property as perimeter fencing to keeping intruders out of sensitive installations as security fencing, chain wire plays many important roles in our society. Chain wire fences provide an option that scales easily to a variety of needs. It is just as effective at providing an outdoor barrier as it is creating storage zones in a warehouse. You may opt for as much or as little wire fencing as you need. This adaptability is part of what makes it an option that is friendly to business budgets without a compromise on quality.

Infrastructure Security Fencing

Exposed gas meters, water meters, air conditioning units, fire control systems and other infrastructure can be made secure with Chainlink Fencing. Our expertise together with our first class fabricating capability can engineer a solution to keep your equipment safe.

Cyclone Fencing

Cyclone fencing is also known as hurricane wire or hurricane fencing, so named because it's often the only fencing left standing in the wake of big storms. Cyclone fencing is inexpensive and durable. Due to these properties, it's widely used and perfect for a variety of uses. Often, the fencing remains intact years after other fences are long gone.

Perimeter Fencing

To secure your property quickly and cost effectively it is hard to go past a chainlink fence by Guardian Fencing. A standard security fence is 1800mm high with 3 strands of barbed wire (making a total height of 2300mm). 

Storage Enclosures

Chainlink Fencing is ideal for constructing storage enclosures in commercial apartment complexes where space is at a premium. The product is relatively easy to frame around services and other obstructions. It is cost effective and quick to install

Internal Fencing

If you need to divide your warehouse or factory floor into different sections, secure an area for maintenance or quarantine, then Chainlink Fencing is ideal. Common fences of this type are 2100, 2400 or 3000mm high with top and bottom rails

Pallet Rack Fencing

Chainlink Fencing has assisted in tackling many Occupational Health & Safety issues. A good example is the use of the pallet rack fencing in securing the back of pallet racks to prevent goods falling on pedestrians.

Floor to Ceiling Fencing

Sometimes there is a need to construct a fence inside a warehouse from the floor up to the ceiling with heights of up to 10 metres.  This could be to totally divide the factory or for OHS reasons.

Fencing above Coolrooms

Another application requiring technical expertise is that of securing the space above commercial coolrooms. There are usually many pipes and obstructions to frame around, different levels to accommodate and different surface types to attach to.

Sports Ground Fencing

Chainlink Fencing is used around ovals and soccer grounds. It is employed for cricket and golf nets and baseball batting cages. It can be utilised for Futsal (indoor soccer).  If you have a fencing requirement for your sport, think Chainlink Fencing. 

Steel Fencing

Those of you who care deeply about providing proper security for your facilities will want to take the time to invest in reliable metal security fencing. Notting Hill is full of companies that can benefit from high quality steel security fences, but not everybody knows what makes a capable fence or how to find a good deal on one. Fortunately it’s possible to find high quality products and the right companies to install them. You’ll just have to pay close attention to the options available near you so that you can end up with the kind of industrial security fencing your Notting Hill facility can really benefit from using.


What areas do you service?
We service the Greater Melbourne area

Do you do free quotes?
Guardian Fencing provides obligation free quotes. Some jobs can be priced simply by the client providing some basic information and, if possible, a digital photo. In many cases a site visit is required, which is free of charge.

Are cyclone fencing, chain mesh fencing, chain link fencing and chain wire fencing the same product?
Cyclone fencing, chain mesh, chain link and chain wire fencing are the same fencing product. For examples, please visit our gallery.

What are the basic options for chain mesh fencing?
The basic options for chain mesh fencing are as follows:
- A rail-less fence with horizontal support cables.
- Continuous top rail.
- Continuous top and bottom rails.
- Strands of barbed wire or razor wire.
- Choice of finish (galvanized or PVC coated)

What height does the chain mesh come in?
Chain mesh is available in the following heights(mm): 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000 and 3600. However, it can be custom made to your requirements

What height is a standard security fence?
The standard chain mesh security fence is usually 1800mm high. If you add three strands of barbed wire the total height is 2300mm.

What colours does chainmesh fencing come in?
The colour choices are galvanized, black or green. The black or green option has a galvanized core wire with a top PVC coating.

What size gates can we get?

Gates are generally either for pedestrian or vehicle use. We custom make all gates from 600mm wide up to 18 metres wide.

Can we have sliding gates?
Sliding gates are a great option when space is limited. Guardian Fencing also custom make sliding gates.

Can you build a fence on a concrete slab?
Yes, the posts can have a base plate attached which can then be bolted to a concrete slab.

Can you build a fence on bitumen?
The best method for bitumen is to neatly cut the bitumen and install the post into a concrete footing.

Can you do small jobs?

Guardian Fencing has successfully taken on some of the largest fencing jobs in Australia, such as the Albert Park Grand Prix but we are also take on minor repairs and small jobs requiring only an hour or two.

Do you do temporary fencing?
We can supply temporary fencing. Our product is built like a traditional fence and is more robust than the concrete block and panel variety.

Do you repair fences?
Yes we do repair commercial fences in Melbourne.


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